5 best co-working spaces in Lisbon

Portugal is quickly becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe. Porto has just topped the European Best Destinations list of 2017 and Lisbon has become a major international startup hub. You can see a nice timelapse of the city here.

It is also becoming a huge digital nomad spot due to its thriving Startup scene, the biggest in Europe it has been deemed recently. The cost of living is inexpensive, the weather is great, and the beach is close. A great way to be productive is to get a bit of meditation done on the shores and then head to work with a productive mind.

That being said, there are a number of options when it comes to coworking spaces in the city:

1. CoWork Lisboa. Located in the hipster part of town LX factory filled with cool restaurants, cafes  and bars as well as a hostel if you’ve just landed, LX factory has all you need to get established and start working right off the plane. This is actually the first coworking space of Lisboa.

2. IdeiaHub Lisboa. This is the top spot in Libson for networking and facilities. The whole UpWork  team has recently setup shop at IdeiaHub for their annual Nomad meeting. Susana, the office manager, does a great job at connecting resident “hubbers” as they are called in the office. Every thursday, the office offers beers for an internal happy hour that promotes networking and every second week, a resident is invited to present their project during the happy hour. The views of the river are spectacular with an outlook on the 98 expo site Parque Das Nações.

3. Beta-I This coworking space offers various courses and presentations. This is the office’s best selling point as consulting the schedule may provide insight you didn’t know could make your business endeavours thrive. It is centrally located and offers both assigned “resident” desks or flexible day seats without any specific desk assigned.

4. In Lisbon as well as in various other cities, there is a nomad coworking space available called Laptop Friendly for those who hate the routine so much, they can’t handle going to the same coworking space every day. The concept involves rotating cafes with a following of digital nomads. The organizers also promote networking, usually in an introduction session after lunch.

5. Cowork Central is the most central, and also most expensive coworking space in the city. They do not function with day passes and will not offer a free trial day. You can rent a place for a minimum of one month for around 200 Euros and then decide if you want to continue or switch offices. It is well situated with a metro station across, a popular market a bloc away. You may want to check online for availability as the office is quite full.

If none of these options work for you, perhaps workfrom.co is what you need. This site will offer a variety of cafes and optimized locations for you to set a daily office.

Whether you’re in Lisbon for a week, months, or moving in for an indefinite amount of time, you can always rely on MeetUp.com and you will find many groups and events to get some networking done in the city. There are a few neighbourhoods including Bairro Alto and Pink Street with expat-filled bars so it’s quite easy to get some networking done on weekends as well.

Here is one of the best articles found on the web explaining why you might want to visit Lisbon and Portugal by The Thrillist

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