How it works

Cambexo is a website that connects travellers looking to exchange money without using traditional channels such as banks or exchange offices. This allows for savings anywhere from 3 to 20% depending on the country you are trading currencies.

It’s simple:

  1. You create an account filling your information, currency desired, currency offered, location and destination.
  2. You browse members and send messages in order to connect with someone looking to trade currencies.
  3. You set up a meeting in a public place to make the exchange at the official daily rate. (Please refer to the currency exchange tracker on the home page for live official rates)

This enables both members to avoid paying exaggerated transaction fees (sometimes up to 25$) and a higher exchange rate imposed by banks and currency exchange offices (up to 20% in some airports).

You may view the Frequently Asked Questions section for further information.




Cambexo 2017. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: Cambexo is a peer-to-peer solution that joins users in order to exchange money. It does not hold, transfer or perform currency exchange in any way. Check your local legislations regarding peer-to-peer currency exchange. Some countries may prohibit the practice.

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